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FesaSpot is an innovative and comprehensive party guide designed to elevate the party experience in Suriname. Our platform provides a centralized hub where party enthusiasts, both locals and tourists, can easily explore and discover the best parties happening in Suriname.

With FesaSpot, never miss out on the vibrant and electrifying nightlife scene of Suriname. Our user-friendly website and app offer a range of exciting features to enhance your party-going experience. The intuitive calendar view allows you to effortlessly browse upcoming events, ensuring you stay informed about the latest parties, concerts, festivals, and club nights.

To make party planning a breeze, FesaSpot incorporates a convenient map view, enabling you to visualize party locations and plan your itinerary accordingly. FesaSpot also facilitates seamless social sharing, enabling users to spread the word about exciting events with their friends and fellow partygoers. We also allow you to save and bookmark parties of interest, ensuring you receive timely reminder notifications a few days prior to the event.

Whether you're a local looking to explore new party experiences or a tourist seeking the best nightlife in Suriname, FesaSpot is your go-to resource. Join us on this exciting journey and unlock the ultimate party guide for Suriname. Let FesaSpot be your companion in creating unforgettable memories and experiencing the vibrant party culture that Suriname has to offer.

FesaSpot is my first app creation. I built it using React Native with Expo Go because I already had experience building websites with React. To store the event information, I used a CMS called Hygraph. For styling the app, I utilized a package called nativewind, which is similar to Tailwind but specifically designed for React Native components.

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